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Have a book idea inside of you but don't know how to create it?

"WRITE, Entrepreneurs!" 
is the solution!


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Unlock the Power of Self-Publishing with 'WRITE, Entrepreneurs!'

Meet Your Instructor Write Way Consulting Founder & Ghostwriter Lynnette René Doby Headshot


I'm Lynnette!

Are you an entrepreneur who needs help  creating your book? That's where 'WRITE, Entrepreneurs!' comes in. I made this course to empower you with the skills and confidence to write your book!

You'll learn:

  • To create a manuscript that elevates your brand, positioning you as a thought leader in your field.

  • How to combat writer's block.

  • To build an effective writing schedule.

  • Final steps to take before self-publishing your book.

  • Ways to market you book once it's written.


Join me, and let's turn your vision into victory!

Master Your Story, Maximize Your Reach:
WRITE Your Own Success with
'WRITE, Entrepreneurs!'

A listing of the features of the course. It includes a six week curriculum, workbook description, and co-writing session details.

WRITE Your Way to Success!


“I totally appreciate the information given by the instructor. Everything was well put together. I am very grateful to have someone who cares about their student's outcomes in writing. Not just teaching a course, but understanding the needs and desires of her students. I am so grateful for this time and opportunity to have taken part of this journey.”

- E. Wright


Are You Ready to Transform Your Ideas Into a Bestseller?

Join 'Write, Entrepreneurs!' Today To Start Writing the Future of Your Brand. Enroll Now! Take Your First Step. Become a Published Author!

Self-paced version -

Coming soon!

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